Yvette Pirtle - Jordan Perfect Tours

Amazing four day Jordan

I had heard about the great ancient cities of Petra and Jerash in Jordan; however, the experience of actually visiting these places was beyond my expectations!

Branko Germek - Jordan Perfect Tours

Experience of a lifetime

I totally agree with what was posted above: For anyone who has ever had a desire to visit Jordan, I encourage you

Eric Dupont - Jordan Perfect Tours

Amazing Petra Day Tour

I went to Jordan for work last week and had a free day at the end. I therefore decided to take my chance for a 1 day trip to Petra

Steve and Kathryn Peacock - Jordan Perfect Tours

Worth every penny

I just wanted to say thanks for a great tour. Worth every penny! Nidal did a great job.

Melissa Back Tamburo - Jordan Perfect Tours

Best Two Day Tour ever

I had the great fortune to meet Mustafa while working in Jordan, and HIGHLY recommend him

Colin Dobbins - Jordan Perfect Tours

A trip to Mars

The weekend trip with Mustafa was an absolute whirlwind of excitement and "amazing-ness".

Michelle Crocombe - Jordan Perfect Tours

Three Day Tour Jordan

We are a party of four from the UK and USA and have just completed a three day tour of Jordan with Mustafa.

Luca Godian - Jordan Perfect Tours

Petra and Wadi Rum

We came to Jordan for work and only had a weekend off to discover Jordan. We wanted to visit Petra,

Jose Jorge Menezes - Jordan Perfect Tours

One of the best tours

Did the 5 day trip last week. Amman - Petra - Wadi Rum -Aqaba - Dead Sea - Jerash - Umm Qais - Amman.

Mattia Roamni - Jordan Perfect Tours

Great Petra day trip

What a great day trip to Petra! I booked at the last minute on the excellent and easy to navigate website

Willard Joe King - Jordan Perfect Tours

Awesome Tour

We really enjoyed our trip in Jordan immensely ( even though it was too short a stay ) .

Wilmarie Cruz  - Jordan Perfect Tours

Petra Wadi Rum & Dead Sea

I would highly recommend this tour "Petra - Wadi Rum & Dead Sea - Two Days Tour" .

Vish Balram - Jordan Perfect Tours

Best two day tour

Did you ever ask your buddy to get you camel s milk and he does in the middle of the day,

Victor M.Gonzalez Guide - Jordan Perfect Tours

Petra Rum & Mujib Siq Trail

The best part of my trip to Jordan was, without a doubt, our experiences with Mustafa

Julia Kragh - Jordan Perfect Tours

One of the best tours

I took a fabulous private tour with Mustafa to Petra in August 2014. He has a deep love

Tina Chen Tour Guide - Jordan Perfect Tours

Soak up every moment

Soak up every moment with THE most joyful tour guide - If you re visiting Jordan, Mustafa is

Victoria - Jordan Perfect Tours

Highly recommended

The trip wouldn t have been this memorable without Mustafa. Really had a great time with him as our guide and a perfect host.

Archit - Jordan Perfect Tours

Keep going Jordan tours

The trip wouldn t have been this memorable without Mustafa. Really had a great time with him as our guide

Alexandra Privitera - Jordan Perfect Tours

Best Jordan tours ever

I loved the tours we went on! We went to Jerash and Umm Qais and Mujib and Mustafa is a fantastic guide.

Elizabeth Privitera - Jordan Perfect Tours

Jordan Wonderful experience


Our tours to Jerash, Umm Qais, Mujib Nature Preserve, and downtown Amman were spectacular! It was my family s first trip to Amman, Jordan and we had a wonderful experience.