Young Jordanians Spread Holiday Cheer in Fuheis

Young Jordanians Spread Holiday Cheer in Fuheis

 FUHEIS — A number of young Jordanians have recently taken it upon themselves to tour the city of Fuheis to perform music and give away gifts to children who are in need.

 It was not the group’s first outing, as Rama Assaf, a member of the group, said that they perform this activity every year, two days ahead of the Christmas celebrations. Members of the troop said the difficult financial conditions people generally encounter encouraged them to keep holding this activity annually.

 “We are a group called brothers and we tour houses to bring smiles to children’s faces. We bring gifts, candy and clowns to dance in front of children,” Assaf added.

 Many Islamic and Christian families are teaming up this year to provide as much assistance as possible for families that are in need, to allow them to mark the occasion, according to Father Imad Twal.

 “A total of 250 families benefited from donations this season, and each package is worth JD100. Despite the difficult financial conditions, people still have the willingness to enjoy and celebrate Christmas,” he said after the end of a mass held at the Catholic Latin Church.

 He noted that this year’s celebrations have a number of elements, including spiritual one.

 “As you can notice this year, we are focusing on supporting others. We do not want only to enjoy but let others enjoy as well,” he added.

 Hannah Elias, a vendor in Fuheis, described the city as the “hub” for Christmas decoration seekers. 

“Whatever the conditions are, people like to celebrate and enjoy the holiday season,” he added.