Winners of u2018Our Heritage, Our Identityu2019 Video Competition Announced

Winners of ‘Our Heritage, Our Identity’ Video Competition Announced

 AMMAN — The winners of the “Our Heritage, Our Identity” student video competition were announced at a ceremony on Saturday at the historic Odeon Theatre in Amman.

 More than 6,000 students from across Jordan participated in a series of workshops, concluding with the competition, said a statement that was sent to The Jordan Times.

 Organisers received 176 entries, the top entries of which were shared online for a public vote, the statement said.

 Activities included pottery restoration, mosaic art and field visits, all with the aim to promote the protection of Jordan’s cultural heritage, according to the statement.

 Participating students were encouraged to think creatively and engage directly with heritage to create and record a short video highlighting Jordanian history, architecture or culture, the joint statement explained.

 USAID’s Ruba Abu Hussein said: “These young people will be the generation that carries this rich heritage upon its shoulders into the future. It is imperative that we work together now to foster their love for Jordan’s history and heritage as they grow.”

 Head of the Jordanian Friends of Archaeology and Heritage organisation Sharifa Nofa commended the effort of the contestants to raise public awareness of Jordan’s precious cultural resources and emphasised the importance of learning about and protecting Jordan’s important heritage.

 “We always need renewed energies and different age groups to help us ensure the sustainability of our maintenance and restoration works at different sites, and their commitment to preservation and avoiding the deliberate destruction that currently affects our sites,” she said.

 The Sustainable Cultural Heritage through Engagement of Local Communities Project was organised by the USAID in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the Department of Antiquities and Jordan Friends of Archaeology and Heritage.

 Head of the Arts and Activities Department of the Ministry of Education Mahmoud Asaad and the Assistant for Governorate Affairs of the Department of Antiquities Ali Alkhiat attended the ceremony.

 The project was implemented by the American Centre of Oriental Research, the statement said.