JTB to Organise Drone Photography Competition to Promote Kingdom Abroad

JTB to Organise Drone Photography Competition to Promote Kingdom Abroad

 AMMAN — A total of 15 Arab and local photographers will be capturing the “beauty” of the Kingdom and its main attractions this spring as part of an air drone photography contest, organisers said on Wednesday.

 Considered the first of its kind in the region, the competition will include using drones in taking videos of Jordan between April 4 and 12.

 The contest is organised by the Jordan Tourism Board (JTB) in cooperation with DJI FALCON.

 JTB Director General Abdul Razzaq Arabiyat said that the competition will be held as part of the institution’s role in promoting the Kingdom abroad.

 “Using drones in photography gives a different angle to tourist promotions,” he told reporters during a press conference that was held in Amman on Wednesday.

 A total of 15 competitors from different Arab countries including Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Morocco, Syria and the UAE will take part in the contest.

 Arabiyat said that two female photographers coming from Saudi Arabia and the UAE will also participate.

 “The 15 participants made it into the final stage in Jordan out of 160,” he added.

 Arabiyat said that all the content will be used by the board to promote the Kingdom.

“This video footage will be also given to government and private TV channels and other media outlets so that they can use them,” he added.

 The director general noted that the content of this competition will be part of the promotional campaign that will target Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

 “Gulf tourists constitute a big share of the number of tourists who visit the Kingdom,” he added.

 Bader Jeraq, DJI FALCON’s general manager, said Jordan is rich with historical and touristic sites.

 “Aerial photography is not new but the change it has made is the low cost and the easy use of technology. In the past, people used to rent a private jet to take photos from above; now there are drones whose quality is good with a low cost, which made it spread quickly in recent times,” he added.

 He commended the cooperation of the government in facilitating the competition.

 Arabiyat said: “We will invite social media influencers from Gulf countries to help attract more tourists from this area.”

 Source: www.jordantimes.com