Is it possible to do some hiking in Wadi Rum? Do we have a guide who will speak with us during Jeep tour? How many people are there on the jeep tour?

The Jeep tour –Safari Tour- at Wadi Rum is driven by the locals (Bedouins) and they speaks very little English, Wadi Rum tour actually is moving from one spot to another while giving you the time to do some hiking (like walking in one the massive canyons or climbing up one of the natural arch bridges - soft climbing- or climbing over one of the sand dunes. On most cases our driver will be with you on the tour at Wadi Rum unless the camp is full where he needs to arrange his accommodation himself and won t meet you till next day after completing the Jeep tour at Wadi Rum. The tour on most cases is for the same group (so it would be only for you and your partner).  No tour guides are available at Wadi Rum so this is not an option.