Burqu Nature Reserve

RSCN, PSD Ink Deal to Establish Office for Environmental Affairs in Burqu Nature Reserve

 AMMAN — The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) and the Public Security Directorate (PSD) on Thursday signed an agreement to establish an office for environmental affairs and tourism in Burqu Nature Reserve, as part of a memorandum of understanding previously signed by both parties.

 “Burqu Nature Reserve is considered to be the largest reserve in the Kingdom, therefore an office for environmental affairs and tourism is needed to implement on-site inspection programmes and to manage biodiversity protection in the area,” RSCN Director General Yahya Khaled told The Jordan Times on Thursday.

 Khaled added that the office would also provide security escorts for visitors and during training falcons and releasing Houbara bustards.

 RSCN President Khaled Al Irani said during the signing of the agreement that the office contributes to implementing biodiversity protection laws, as well as strengthens cooperation and coordination between the RSCN and the PSD represented by the Royal Department for Environment Protection and Tourism (Rangers), which eventually “contribute to sustaining earlier achievements in the area of environmental protection”.

 Burqu Nature Reserve, established in 2018, is located in the North-Eastern Badia within Mafraq Governorate’s borders. The reserve’s suggested area is about 906 square kilometres.

 Ruwaished District is considered the nearest location to the suggested reserve, according to the RSCN website.

 Burqu’s significance comes from being listed on Jordan’s first study conducted by the RSCN on natural reserves, due to representing a “unique” ecosystem, the RSCN website said.

 Source: www.jordantimes.com