Petra and Wadi Rum

We came to Jordan for work and only had a weekend off to discover Jordan. We wanted to visit Petra,

Wadi Rum, Aqaba and the Dead Sea. Actually we didn’t expect this is possible in only two days, but Mustafa made it possible! It was the very best choice to go to that trip with Mustafa. Within that short and limited time we had, he showed us the very best of Jordan and we had an amazing time. Mustafa picked us up at our hotel in Amman and we drove to Petra. On the way he provided us with really tasty Jordanian coffee. The last part of the road we took a back road, so we even could see "little Petra" and had an amazing view to mountainside.

In Petra we had 5 hours to visit everything from the Treasury to the Monastery. And it was absolutely not necessary to hire an extra guide inside Petra as Mustafa provided us with so much information on the way to Petra.

After visiting Petra we headed towards Wadi Rum where we spent the night at a Bedouin camp, sleeping in comfortable tents.

After arrival we went to a side to watch the sunset in the dessert and after we had a delicious dinner in the camp, prepared by the camp owner. But after dinner, the day was not finished least not with Mustafa. He took us with his car to a site close to a camp, lighted a fire, took out three comfortable chairs out of his car and provided us with cooled the middle of the desert. It was just amazing. Being away from artificial light...I just can say, I never saw so many stars.

After a comfortable night and a breakfast in the camp we took a tour in Mustafa's car through Wadi Rum. I have to say I visited Wadi Rum before, but Mustafa didn’t take us to the normal touristy sites to visit, but to the hidden "treasures" like a beautiful canyon, a sand dune and a stone bridge and a spring.

At around 11 we left Wadi Rum and headed towards Aqaba. There we took a swim in the Red Sea and had dinner afterwards. After a digestion hike along the beach we headed back direction Amman. But Mustafa didn't take the same way as going south, but took us through a road crossing the Jordan Valley which provided a beautiful scenery. On the way we made some coffee and picture stops and arrived around 5 at the Amman beach, a public beach at the Dead Sea. We had the opportunity to jump in the pool to cool down a bit and then to float in the dead sea - which definitely is a unique experience.

At around 7 we left the Dead Sea back to Amman, where Mustafa took us to our hotel.

We only can highly recommend taking a tour with Mustafa. He is a great tour guide, speaking perfectly English, a safe driver, always has a cold water or coke for you in his car and knows a lot of stories about Jordan.

Either you are limited in time or have a week free to enjoy Jordan experience it with Mustafa and you will see so much more of Jordan than a normal tourist.

For only two days we saw and experienced so much. Thank you Mustafa!!

Yvette Pirtle - Jordan Perfect Tours
Amazing four day Jordan

I had heard about the great ancient cities of Petra and Jerash in Jordan; however, the experience of actually visiting these places was beyond my expectations!

Branko Germek - Jordan Perfect Tours
Experience of a lifetime

I totally agree with what was posted above: For anyone who has ever had a desire to visit Jordan, I encourage you

Eric Dupont - Jordan Perfect Tours
Amazing Petra Day Tour

I went to Jordan for work last week and had a free day at the end. I therefore decided to take my chance for a 1 day trip to Petra

Steve and Kathryn Peacock - Jordan Perfect Tours
Worth every penny

I just wanted to say thanks for a great tour. Worth every penny! Nidal did a great job.

Melissa Back Tamburo - Jordan Perfect Tours
Best Two Day Tour ever

I had the great fortune to meet Mustafa while working in Jordan, and HIGHLY recommend him

Colin Dobbins - Jordan Perfect Tours
A trip to Mars

The weekend trip with Mustafa was an absolute whirlwind of excitement and "amazing-ness".

Michelle Crocombe - Jordan Perfect Tours
Three Day Tour Jordan

We are a party of four from the UK and USA and have just completed a three day tour of Jordan with Mustafa.

Luca Godian - Jordan Perfect Tours
Petra and Wadi Rum

We came to Jordan for work and only had a weekend off to discover Jordan. We wanted to visit Petra,

Jose Jorge Menezes - Jordan Perfect Tours
One of the best tours

Did the 5 day trip last week. Amman - Petra - Wadi Rum -Aqaba - Dead Sea - Jerash - Umm Qais - Amman.

Mattia Roamni - Jordan Perfect Tours
Great Petra day trip

What a great day trip to Petra! I booked at the last minute on the excellent and easy to navigate website

Willard Joe King - Jordan Perfect Tours
Awesome Tour

We really enjoyed our trip in Jordan immensely ( even though it was too short a stay ) .

Wilmarie Cruz  - Jordan Perfect Tours
Petra Wadi Rum & Dead Sea

I would highly recommend this tour "Petra - Wadi Rum & Dead Sea - Two Days Tour" .

Vish Balram - Jordan Perfect Tours
Best two day tour

Did you ever ask your buddy to get you camel's milk and he does in the middle of the day,

Victor M.Gonzalez Guide - Jordan Perfect Tours
Petra Rum & Mujib Siq Trail

The best part of my trip to Jordan was, without a doubt, our experiences with Mustafa

Julia Kragh - Jordan Perfect Tours
One of the best tours

I took a fabulous private tour with Mustafa to Petra in August 2014. He has a deep love

Tina Chen Tour Guide - Jordan Perfect Tours
Soak up every moment

Soak up every moment with THE most joyful tour guide - If you're visiting Jordan, Mustafa is

Victoria - Jordan Perfect Tours
Highly recommended

The trip wouldn't have been this memorable without Mustafa. Really had a great time with him as our guide and a perfect host.

Archit - Jordan Perfect Tours
Keep going Jordan tours

The trip wouldn't have been this memorable without Mustafa. Really had a great time with him as our guide

Alexandra Privitera - Jordan Perfect Tours
Best Jordan tours ever

I loved the tours we went on! We went to Jerash and Umm Qais and Mujib and Mustafa is a fantastic guide.

Elizabeth Privitera - Jordan Perfect Tours
Jordan Wonderful experience


Our tours to Jerash, Umm Qais, Mujib Nature Preserve, and downtown Amman were spectacular! It was my family's first trip to Amman, Jordan and we had a wonderful experience.