Dozan Wa Awtar Launches Christmas Season

by Haneen Nofal
Cinnamon Christmas at the Terra Sancta College Theatre

 AMMAN — On the opening night of their series of Christmas concerts, Dozan wa Awtar singers on Thursday night scored a full-house booking at the Terra Sancta College Theatre, with the event wittily entitled “Cinnamon Christmas”.

 The very warm atmosphere, despite the cold and rain, ushered in genuine moments of joy with the conviviality and musicianship of the choir, delivering an impeccable vocal performance.

 Perfectly backed and accompanied by a very talented band, the choir alternated between English and Arabic carols and songs, even combining the two languages in some pieces, as they are known to do.

 The unique musical arrangements, in the harmonies and melodic lines and the rhythms, built a performance that was hardly limited to a great vocal capacity. 

 A show rather than a concert, the staging was lively, spirited and it significantly contributed to the audience’s pleasure. 

 Indeed, many of the choir members proved that they were as good actors as they were good singers.

 The excellent conducting by the charismatic Nedy Muna was key to the success of the concert. The harmony between him and the choir was evident.

 Members of the choir Talin Hindeleh, Haya Qamhieh, Yazan Qaqish, Siba Zada and Yara Juban delivered stunning solos. They melted the hearts of the audience and won thunderous applause.

 The concert ended with the audience partaking in the well known “Deck The Halls” and “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” carols. 

 Upon leaving the theatre, Carole E., who was attending the event, told The Jordan Times: “It really put me in a cheery, festive Christmas mood, and I particularly enjoyed the combination of Oriental and Western styles.”

 To give credit where credit is due, the people behind the sound system delivered a perfect sound; well balanced, without synthesised digital effects, which is hard to come by these days.